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Chapter Leaders

Elected Officers

Ann Marr

Ann was initiated at the Beta Xi chapter at Utah State Univeristy, Logan Utah.  She and her husband, and the cutest dog in the world, reside in Libertyville.

Carol Myers

Molly was initiated at the  Alpha Mu chapter at  Indiana University.  She lies in Lake Forest.

Jan Curschman

Jan was initiated at Bowling Green University in Ohio.  She resides in Libertyville.

Katherine Damisch

Katherine was initiated at the Delta Xi chapter at  Dennison University.  She lives in Glenview.

Appointed Leaders

Ways/Means - Kathy Mark

Webmaster - Leah Fredbeck

Social Media - Katherine Damisch

Panhellenic Reps. - Jan Curshman, Leah Fredbeck

Courtesy Chair - Carol Myers

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