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Chapter Leaders

Elected Officers

Co President 
Jan Curschman
Co President
Laura Fay

Jan was initiated at Bowling Green State University in Ohio, and also has special affections for Michigan State as she earned her masters degree while working as the Greek Advisor, started their trademark licensing program and finished as director of annual giving.  Jan is blessed with seven grandkids and four grand dogs. She resides in Libertyville.

Carol Myers

Carol was initiated at the Alpha Mu chapter of Indiana University where she was a member and captain of the Womens Gymnastics Team.  After teaching PE and coaching for 35 years, she is now enjoys teaching yoga and judging HS gymnastics.  She lives in Lake Forest with her husband Tom and loves spending time with her new grandson TC!

Laura was initiated at the Kappa chapter at University of Wisconsin (Madison).  Her daughter Arielle, (recently married) is also an Alpha Chi Omega and her sister Carolyn was an Alpha Chi Omega. Laura resides in Mundelein.

Katherine Damisch

Katherine was initiated at the Delta Xi chapter at  Dennison University.  She is enjoying being a new boy mom and loves all Chicago sports.  Katherine is an accomplished actress and singer.  She lives in Glenview.

Appointed Leaders & Chapter Stakeholders

A Safe Place Mothers' Day Party Coordinator - Kathy Mark


Evite Coordinator & DVA Coordinator - Wendy Wiegers


Webmaster - Open Position


Upscale Rummage Contact - Renee Baldwin


Upscale Rummage Volunteer Contact - Leah Stein-Fredbeck

Social Media & Newsetter - Katherine Damisch

Panhellenic Delegates - Jan Curschman & Open Position


Courtesy Chair - Laura Glenn

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